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On Monday November 21, in the heart of the Caribbean night, Justine Mettraux finished her Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe in seventh place. She completed the transatlantic race in 12 days 13 hours 26 minutes and 35 seconds, 19 hours 50 minutes and 10 seconds after the winner, Thomas Ruyant. Quite a performance, given that this was her first major solo ocean race in an IMOCA class. The Swiss […]
By teaming up with Julien Villion for all the double-handed races in the 2023 season, Justine Mettraux is banking on the renowned performance and weather strategist qualities of the man who has been part of the Teamwork team since he entered the IMOCA class last year. The "Jujus", as they are already known on the pontoons, are training their weapons to give Teamwork the best it has to offer, which […]
At 2pm on Thursday June 29, the IMOCA TeamWork was relaunched after a long winter refit. During these 6 months, the technical team in Lorient worked hard to improve and optimize the IMOCA, which was not originally designed for the Swiss sailor. The choice was made to carry out this long refit this year, in the absence of Justine Mettraux (at sea with 11th Hour Racing Team in The Ocean Race), […]
On July 22, Justine Mettraux and Julien Villion will compete in the prestigious Rolex Fastnet Race, which celebrates its fiftieth anniversary this year. Following Teamwork's relaunch on June 29 after a six-month refit, this is the first event in a program that will take the double-handed team all the way to the Transat Jacques Vabre Normandie Le Havre in November. Between Cowes, the Irish Fastnet […]
At the end of a race that lived up to its reputation - 40 knots of wind in the English Channel and more than 160 retirements (a third of the fleet)... - Justine Mettraux and Julien Villion finished 7th in Cherbourg, an enviable position on paper but also given the conditions of this fiftieth edition of the prestigious Fastnet. For its first race of the season, Teamwork held its own in the first part […]
On November 10, 2024, Justine Mettraux will take the start of the Vendée Globe and set herself the majestic challenge of sailing non-stop around the world, single-handed. Solo... and yet, it's a promise: Justine will never sail alone. She can count on the loyal support of her partner Teamwork and all those close to her, as you will hear in this podcast, which will enable you to learn more about Justine, […]
From September 19 to 24, Justine Mettraux and Julien Villion will be taking part in the Défi Azimut, the final event of the season before the Transat Jacques Vabre (start October 29). 
This atypical event, held in Lorient, will this year be run in two acts, given the difficult weather conditions forecast for Wednesday: a 48-hour offshore race and speed runs. A new opportunity to position yourself […]
The final dress rehearsal before the Transat Jacques Vabre Normandie Le Havre, the Défi Azimut - Lorient Agglomération brought together the cream of the IMOCA class, with 34 boats lining up at the start of the 600-mile race in the Bay of Biscay. Justine and Julien confirmed that they can compete with the best, and that ocean racing is not just about pure speed. With an impeccable track, a great deal […]

The second episode of "You'll never sail alone" focuses on the beautiful story that Justine and her loyal partner Teamwork have been writing together for 10 years now. Together, we retrace this decade of sailing projects, from the Mini class to the IMOCA class, from settling in Lorient to dreams of the Vendée Globe. Always with the same concept: Justine's friends and family, people she […]

It's THE event of the year 2023, the one that the entire IMOCA fleet has ticked off in its diary for this double-handed season. Like their 39 competitors, Justine and Julien have convoyed Teamwork to Le Havre, where the start of the 16th Transat Jacques Vabre Normandie Le Havre will be given on Sunday October 29: 5400 miles await them via the Doldrums before reaching Fort de France. A demanding and […]
Le départ de la Transat Jacques Vabre Normandie Le Havre, qui devait initialement être donné ce dimanche 29 octobre à 13h29 sera finalement décalé à une date ultérieure. La forte dépression attendue dans le Golfe de Gascogne depuis le début de semaine arrive finalement avec 24h d’avance en charriant des vents de 80 nœuds et une mer de 10 mètres. Cette situation ne permet pas à la direction […]
Avec 9 jours de retard, faute aux tempêtes Ciaran et Domingos, la Transat Jacques Vabre a enfin pu être lancée pour les IMOCA ce mardi 7 novembre à 9h30. Les 40 IMOCA se sont lancés dans un vent de secteur ouest-sud-ouest d’une vingtaine de nœuds et des rafales à plus de 30 nœuds. Devant eux, se dresse un parcours de 3750 milles nautiques pour rejoindre Fort-de-France via l’île de Santa […]
Au terme d’un improbable scénario signé Justine Mettraux et Julien Villion, Teamwork aura contribué à maintenir un suspense intact pendant les 12 jours et fait rêver beaucoup de monde sur cette Transat Jacques Vabre. En faussant compagnie aux leaders partis vers le soleil dès le cinquième jour, les Jujus ont chaussé crampons et piolet à l’assaut des éléments pour écrire une […]
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